About RT 

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Mission Statement

Helping people achieve personal success by developing skills to confidently work, interact and thrive in the community!

Core Values


Our number one priority is to create an environment where people will not only be safe, but feel safe.



We work to find solutions together through exceptional teamwork and communication.



We create unity by building authentic relationships through respect, kindness and positive interaction.



We listen to what you want, meet you where you are and navigate your journey together. It’s about you!



We are committed to make decisions and take actions guided by honesty, fairness and consistency.



We never settle for less than exceptional quality in everything we do.



We lead the way by revolutionizing services while adapting to constant change.


Discovering endless possibilities together!

Our History RT Industries incorporated in 1974 as a 501(C)(3) organization, with the purpose of promoting the welfare and needs of adults with disabilities, under the jurisdiction of the Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities/Riverside Developmental Disabilities. With the support of Riverside Developmental Disabilities, RT Industries grew, providing training and paid work through its production facility and by providing meaningful daily living and leisure activities through its Adult Day Services. In the 1980’s RT Industries secured contracts to provide janitorial and landscaping services to various Ohio Department of Transportation locations (roadside rest areas and District Headquarters) which expanded job opportunities and resulted in the development of the Employment Services Department.


Over the course of 4 years, RT Industries worked with the County Board (Riverside) through the process of privatization of services. As of January 1, 2018, RT completed this transition by assuming service provision functions including transportation, Adult Day Services and Community Employment supports. Riverside Developmental Disabilities continues to coordinate services and supports for people in Miami County. RT is proud to provide some of those services and supports in Miami County and now surrounding counties.


Looking to the Future The recent changes we have made are also driven by our desire to be more actively involved in the community. We don’t want to simply be in the community, we want to help people engage with the community in meaningful ways. Our community presence is centered around each person’s unique skills, interests and abilities. This remains our focus as we help each person live their best life.  Each person makes the choice to work towards community employment, socialization, independent living skills or something else- the opportunities you seek are determined by you.


At RT, we are committed to helping people achieve personal success by developing skills to confidently work, interact and thrive in the community! 

Explore. Empower. Engage.