Adult Day Services

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Adult Day Support (ADS) is a service that can be used to help a person attain and maintain his or her maximum potential through a variety of supports. This can include volunteering in the community, improving self-determination skills, expanding personal choice and independence and much more. ADS is designed to be a person-centered service.


Adult Day Services

ADS services at RT include opportunities to contribute to the community in ways that are meaningful to you, such as volunteering at the animal shelter or food bank. Each person can work with their staff at RT to design services that lead to individual success. Our goal as a quality service provider is to be person driven and community minded. Our direct support professionals have extensive experience supporting a wide variety of needs. We take pride in treating each person as an individual, with their own goals, dreams and interests. 



We also offer the option to be on the go! Community-Based services are small groups of 4 or less people who share a desire to explore their community and work on similar skills and goals. These people collaborate with a Community Engagement Specialist to create a calendar of activities to explore interests together. Through partnerships with local non-profits, we have developed Hubs- which are local sites that offer the opportunity to receive the services and supports needed in a setting that encourages a focus on personal growth and community engagement

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Volunteer Opportunities

We love giving back to the community through various volunteer opportunities!  We are actively involved in with the local food pantry as well as several churches throughout Miami County. If you would like to share a volunteer opportunity with us, please click on the Email Us tab at the top of the page! 

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