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Employment Discovery Services

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Business Partnerships & Testimonials

Group Employment Support (GES)

Group Employment Support (also known as enclaves) are groups who work at local businesses. These positions pay at or above minimum wage and can range from five (5) days per week to just a few hours once or twice a month at the discretion of the employer.  Each business maintains a contract with RT to include the hours worked and number of individuals needed with the support of an RT Employment Discovery Specialist.

The GES service gives a person the opportunity to explore various types of work settings while developing the necessary skills to work independently.  This service is intended to be a stepping stone on the path to integrated competitive employment.

Nitto Denko - Piqua, OH

At Nitto, RT provides a group of 6 individuals and 1 supervisor Monday through Friday. The group is responsible for checking the pieces that come of their presses to be sure everything is cut to customer expectations. Once they are finished with quality control, then they repackage the parts to be shipped to the customer.

“RT Industries has been a great benefit for Nitto Inc.  They have continued to help through staffing needs and perform job tasks crucial to our customer’s needs.  The support that RTI provides has been a valuable asset and boost to moral each day bringing a positive attitude and a smile with them.  RTI has made a positive impact in helping with solutions to company needs for many years, and we are looking forward to many years to come.”

Dan Hatfield - Nitto Denko

Miami County Sanitation Engineer Department - Troy, OH 

RT has a partnership with the Miami County Sanitation Department to pick up glass recycling from local restaurants, bars and social clubs. RT provides 3 individuals and a supervisor two days per week to pick up all full bins and replace them with empty bins. They then take the full bins to the Recycling Center.

“In 2014 through a grant with the Ohio EPA, the Miami County Solid Waste District began a bar/restaurant glass recycling program.  The District selected RT Industries to service the bar/restaurant program.  RT Industries duties include loading, unloading, and transporting recyclable glass to the Miami County Transfer and Recycling Facility from participating businesses.  RT Industries has been providing excellent service at a competitive and affordable cost for over five years.  Thank you, RT Industries!”

Brad Petry - Miami County Sanitation Engineer Department 

Miami East Local Schools - Casstown, OH

RT provides 3 individuals and a supervisor once a week to clean Miami East Schools Board office as well as caring for the grounds.

“On behalf of the Miami East Local School District we would like to thank the RT work crew that visits our campus weekly.  The crew does a great job cleaning the campus.  RT cleans the inside of the Board Office weekly and ensures the outside campus is cleaned and ready for visitors and spectators. This saves the district a great deal of time having the RT crew on campus.  We are always appreciative of the support RT has provided to the District. The RT crew are excellent examples of Vikings!”

Dr. Todd Rappold - Miami East Local Schools

Level MB - Troy, OH

Every other week, our crew of 2 individuals and supervisor pick up recycling, sort and take to the recycling center.

“Our employees wanted to do something to eliminate putting recyclables in the trash. We were going through a lot of paper and plastic bottles.  Our interns took the lead on this project and found out that RT Industries has a great program.  They come to our business every other week and pick up paper, cardboard, plastic, and cans.  It is a great service from a great organization!”

Meredith Lutz - Level MB

KTH - St. Paris, OH 

RT provides 5 to 6 individuals and a supervisor when needed to clean up their grounds from litter so that their parking lot is in pristine condition.

"Thank you to you and the team at RT Industries for your many years of consistent and high-quality support to KTH.  We truly appreciate that you are able to provide services as needed and when needed without hesitation.  Thank you so much."

Andrew Donahoe - KTH

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