Helping people achieve personal success by developing skills to confidently work, interact, and thrive in the community.

Mission Statement

F&P of America

"I like going to SEW everyday because it makes me feel like I have a "real job" and it helps me towards employment".

"I like when my job coach comes in to help when I'm struggling" -Kristine N.

"My job coach helps me with the paperwork I don't understand." -Brad G.

"Without a job coach, a lot of people like me wouldn't be given a chance to show them we can work" -Terry M


"I enjoy learning new skills on how to talk to people/peers. I like to learn new job skills because I want to one day work independently at Nitto."

"At RT, I really like to do puzzles, color and visit with friends. In the community, I enjoy going on picnics, to the movies and hanging out with friends. 


"I like the van I ride, seeing my friends and my van driver!"