Helping people achieve personal success by developing skills to confidently work, interact, and thrive in the community.

Mission Statement


We define our success by how we touch the lives of humans!

RT Industries supports over 150 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and over 40 school-aged students each year within Miami and neighboring counties.  Our services are unique to each person's interests and what they desire to achieve!  

We have over 80 partnerships with local businesses!  These relationships are mutually beneficial by helping businesses with recruitment and retention of employees AND  we are able to secure employment for people.  We match people based on personal strengths and the employer's needs.  Check out the Employment Discovery page for testimonies from local businesses! 


RT Industries promotes community membership and connection.  We believe that people are generally happier when they are among others.  Our goal is to help a person attain and maintain his or her maximum potential through a variety of supports that we offer.

To learn more about our services, please click on the specific service in the vertical menu option.  If you have questions, check out our contacts page or give us a call at (937) 335-5784!  We look forward to hearing from you.

F&P of America

"I like when my job coach comes in to help when I'm struggling" -Kristine N.

"My job coach helps me with the paperwork I don't understand." -Brad G.

"Without a job coach, a lot of people like me wouldn't be given a chance to show them we can work" -Terry M

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"I like the van I ride, seeing my friends and my van driver!"


"I like going to SEW everyday because it makes me feel like I have a "real job" and it helps me towards employment".

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"At RT, I really like to do puzzles, color and visit with friends. In the community, I enjoy going on picnics, to the movies and hanging out with friends. 

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