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Employment Services provides multiple different services to individuals seeking employment. RT’s Employment Specialists and Job Coaches help individuals develop the skills that they need to obtain and maintain competitive integrated employment. What makes Employment Services so unique is we meet the person where they are at. Whether you have never had a job or have been employed for 20 years and want to change your career, Employment Services has a place for you.

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Transition Services  (Ages 12-22)

UVCC – Explore

The Explore Program at the Upper Valley Career Center is an opportunity designed to help students explore and experience different careers through the career technical programs offered through the school.


UVCC – Launch

The Launch Program is a unique, business-led, one-year employment preparation program that takes place entirely at UVMC.

Pre-Employment Transition Services


Are used to improve the transition of students from school to postsecondary education and/or an employment outcome. Pre-Employment Transition Services include the following five (5) different sub-categories:

1) Counseling on Post-Secondary Opportunities,

2) Job Exploration Counseling,

3) Instruction in Self-Advocacy,

4) Work Based Learning, and

5) Workplace Readiness Training.


Summer Youth

Summer Youth Career Exploration is a 3-week program that allows participants to learn about job opportunities and the skills necessary for employment. Participants tour local businesses and are taught soft skills needed for work, such as communication, teamwork, and following directions


Summer Youth Work Experience is a 5-week, real world work experience at one or more local businesses.  This program is 20 hours per week and participants are paid minimum wage per hour.  The first day is Orientation Day where participants learn about the expectations and review soft skills necessary for work.  Participants have a Job Coach present to assist them, identify areas to improve upon, and to provide encouragement.


Pre-Employment Services  

Career Planning consists of two separate options:

Career Discovery – During Career Discovery the Employment Specialist takes time getting to know the participant by spending time in their home, visiting their neighborhood or other places the individual spends majority of their time, and will interview the individual and their team to get a better understanding of the individual. The individual and Employment Specialist are “hanging out with intent.” The intent being to discover character traits or skills that maybe beneficial in choosing their employment goal.

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Career Exploration – During Career Exploration the Employment Specialist will assist the participant in exploring different places of employment that they may be interested in.  For example, if an individual is interested in dishwashing, they may visit a local restaurant.  They would watch an employee do their job and ask the employee some questions about their job duties to get a better understanding of what the job entails.

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A Community Based Assessment (CBA) - is a one week paid work experience in a job related to the individuals employment interest in hopes of giving the individual a realistic view of the position and build stamina over the course of the week to determine if the individual is ready for competitive integrated employment in that employment field. The individual may choose one or two jobs they wish to “try.”


Work Adjustment  - is an extended paid work experiencing lasting up to 20 days. The Work Adjustment takes place at a competitive place of employment where the individual or team feels they may be able to make progress over a longer period. At the end of the Work Adjustment the individual and their team decides if they are ready for competitive integrated employment in this field or they have acquired enough job readiness skills and built enough stamina to choose a different employment goal.

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Job Seeking Skills Training (JSST) – is provided before beginning to actively look for and apply for jobs. JSST can also be used if an individual is planning to seek employment on their own without the assistance of an Employment Specialist. JSST assists the individual in learning how to locate job opportunities, how to develop a resume, how to follow up with employers after an interview, how to address potential barriers (such as breaks in employment history, criminal convictions, and need for reasonable accommodations), how to handle difficult interview questions, and how social media can affect your job search.


Job Development


1) Job Development – The individual and Employment Specialist will create a resume, register for Ohio means Jobs (online job search assistance), learn interview skills and appropriate interview attire and then conduct a mock interview to better prepare the individual before submitting applications to employers. There are funding sources available for individuals who need assistance with obtaining appropriate interview clothes, which will be done during this step before an interview is scheduled.

2) Job Development – The Employment Specialist and individual will submit their resume and application to places of employment that align the with individual’s employment goal based on their skills and interests. Once an interview is scheduled, the Employment Specialist will attend the interview to assist the individual. If a job offer is made, the Employment Specialist will assist the individual in completing the employer’s pre-employment requirements (including paperwork, drug screens, background checks, assessments, orientation) and setting up reliable transportation if needed.


Job Coaching

On-the-Job-Supports, "Job coaching" - takes place once a new job is obtained. The Employment Specialist accompanies the individual on their first day of work and will remain with them at work each day until they are stable in their position and the employer also determines them ready to work independently, sometimes within weeks, sometimes within a couple of months. When the Employment Specialist feels that the individual can work independently, they may “fade” from the individual and be on-site but not in view of the individual to see how long they can work independently and build the confidence they need to perform their job duties with minimal support from the Employment Specialist. During job coaching the Employment Specialist will assist the individual with establishing good relationships with coworkers and supervisors to create natural supports in the workplace. Also, during this time, the Employment Specialist will assess the individuals job performance and determine any techniques, tools, or accommodations needed to assist them in meeting the employer’s standards.


Job Retention and Follow Along


At this point in the Employment Services process, the individual has maintained employment independently and needs minimal assistance from the Employment Specialist but may need some additional assistance as changes occur. Some examples of assistance provided during these more sporadic site visits would be the Employment Specialist assisting the individual with communicating scheduling needs to management, identifying the need for an accommodation, creating a task list to improve time management, address concerns or constructive feedback provided by management, or ensuring adequate wages and/or eligible benefits are in place.


RT Contracts


As stated above, pictured here is a task list to improve time management & understanding the order of job tasks!

RT has contracts with local companies to provide services such as janitorial, manufacturing and caretaking. The contracts can be between the business and an individual or the business and a group of individuals. When partnering with RT, a company is guaranteed the agreed upon number of employees and supervisor. These contracts support individuals with disabilities by helping them learn employment skills and grow to be successful in competitive integrated employment.

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