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Shifting into the future!

RT, over the last several years has worked hard to align with compliance standards and being innovative in our service delivery. Due to Medicaid, DODD and overall controversy of piece rate, we have made radical changes to our sheltered workshop over the last several years.


While these were smart business practices to transition, financially, this component has never been able to break even. For example, this department had a loss of over $73,000 in 2019 due to continued difficulty in getting viable pricing on contracts. 


Through the privatization process, changes with DODD and our desire to continue being an excellent service provider, our business design has shifted away from the Workshop structure and focused on the service provision model of our future.

RT has made the difficult decision that our Production Solutions Department will cease operations effective July 4th, 2020. The decision was made after an extensive evaluation process that included reviewing the financial costs and benefits of this department. After decades of providing employment for people with developmental disabilities within RT, we determined a shift to community integrated employment would be more beneficial for all involved. We are thankful for the many valued business relationships we have made throughout the years and looks forward to a renewed focus on providing the highest quality services to people with developmental disabilities for decades to come.


While only nine (9) employees will be displaced with this removal of Production Solutions, we have made referrals to continue our partnerships with these employees through other services offered at RT. We are also working with these business partners to take the jobs we were doing in Production Solutions and move them to GES contracts (enclaves).


If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact CEO, Ashley Brocious at (937) 552-3900.