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Job Coach at Upper Valley Career Center



  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • Must possess and maintain CPR and First Aid certifications.

  • May be requested to lift, carry, and move persons served or items in the work environment safely.

  • Satisfactory Abuser Registry, Web-database, and criminal background checks as defined in OAC 5123:2-2-02.

  • Maintain the ability to pass a drug screen.

  • Possess and maintain a valid Ohio driver’s license with less than six (6) points on record at any time.

  • Must satisfactorily pass a post-offer medical Physical Demands Analysis and consistently maintain the ability to pass such testing.


  • Provides training and support to individuals served in an educational setting.

  • Provides direct support, training, and extended services to maintain and enhance employment in the community.

  • Promotes, educates, and guides individuals served toward learning both general employment and job-specific skills.

  • Assists individuals served with job exploration and development. Advocates and promotes economic independence for individuals served.

  • Provides vocational expertise, for the individual served and the employer, throughout job search and hiring process; job coaching, and follow along.

  • Builds and maintains positive working relationships with businesses.

  • Works with individuals served and employers to support successful job matches.

  • Determines, with individuals served, the most appropriate means of providing job support, training, and communication throughout the process.

  • Develops a plan for job site training and natural supports.

  • Implements long term supports and extended services needed for steadfast employment. Develops vocational profiles for individuals served.

  • Provides job coaching services to private vendors per RTI contract, ensuring that individuals served receive high-quality services.

  • Completes paperwork necessary to receive reimbursement and to document the individual’s strengths, progress, and needs.

  • Shares documentation with team members to ensure that all participants are informed of the individual’s community employment process and progress. Paperwork may include but not be limited to progress notes, Adult Services documentation, OOD service documentation, incident reports, individual served and employment contact reports, and wage reports.

  • Supports the successful operation of contract jobs in the community.

  • Provides guidance and training to site supervisors.

  • Schedules replacement client workers.

  • Serves as a member of the individual’s planning team.

  • Assists and coordinates appointments with employers,  Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, and Benefits Analyst as needed or requested.

  • Attends the above-mentioned appointments, if the individual served so desires, to provide advocacy and understanding for all parties involved.

  • Monitors/tracks employment-related skills/status to ensure optimal work performance for individuals served.

  • Makes employers aware of incentives available and assists when necessary.

  • Keeps the Lead Job Coach and/or Employment Services Director informed of issues and opportunities.

  • Independently manages own schedule to include meetings and job site check-ins, which may occur during evenings and weekends.

  • Provides transportation to meeting sites and arranges transportation alternatives to the worksite.

  • Performs personal care and assistance to persons served. May be required to lift, carry, and move individuals served safely.

  • Participates in professional growth experiences,

  • Presents self as an appropriate role model

  • Attends staff meetings and in-services as assigned

  • Maintains a positive rapport with individuals served, co-workers, caregivers, and other support providers and with businesses in the community.

Performs other related duties as may be assigned.


$11.10-15.98 per hour depending on experience.


8811 Career Dr, Piqua, OH 45356, USA